10 Best File Managers for iPhone to Manage Files on iOS

graphic of a person in front of a laptop buried in papers, trying to get organised

graphic of a person in front of a laptop buried in papers

Although iPhone and iPad provide users with a native Files application, it is practically useless since it does not allow users to manage their device’s internal files. This is the main reason why users are not excited about this app.

Luckily, you can find a lot of third-party file managers for your device and download the fittest one from the App Store. Let’s consider the 10 best file manager applications for your iPad and iPhone for managing your files easily.


FileApp is regarded as a good file manager on iPad and iPhone. It offers users a great interface and automatic organization of files by type and date. FileApp can even display the latest files that users have accessed on this tool. You have the possibility to create new images, audio recordings, and text files directly from within the FileApp application. Moreover, users likewise can browse images, reproduce media files, and read PDFs directly inside this application.

Suitable Apps to Send a Fax

If you operate with files regularly, your task is probably to send and receive faxes. This process can be simplified with a special Fax App. You may wonder “how to send a fax from an iPhone”? First, you should find and download the fax iPhone application on your device. Then, with this tool, you can make quick shots of necessary documents and send a fax from an iPhone from any place and at any time.
This instrument can process different kinds of documents such as books, notes, IDs, posters, newspapers, certificates, receipts, photos, passports, cards, licenses, menus, letters, etc. The application will be useful for business people, students, and ordinary users who may need to deliver or obtain faxes urgently. The tool serves as a file manager as well since it enables users to open, view, edit, move, rename, etc. ready faxes.Hasten to install the app, sort out “how to send a fax from an iPhone ” within several minutes, and take advantage of the app’s features.

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File Hub

File Hub is another file manager for iPhones and iPad users. It grants sets of useful features, for example, the possibility to create folders to organize files, blank files, and a new file from the clipboard. Users can also import files directly from iCloud Drive.

Documents by Readdle

Documents is a convenient file explorer for iPhone and other iOS devices. It provides users with the possibility to manage almost everything on their gadgets. The application offers a lot of features that make managing files easier. For example, using Documents, you will be able to get access to your whole Apple Music Library, Photos, iCloud files, etc. The tool likewise supports .ZIP files which imply users can simply extract ZIP files on their iOS devices.

File Manager

As the title implies, File Manager is a free-of-charge and ad-supported application that can satisfy users’ needs to manage files on iPhone and iPad devices. It offers a clean interface and the ability to create files and folders. If required, you can likewise add different cloud services to the application for managing all your cloud accounts from one place more simply. This tool supports Dropbox, WebDAV, Google Drive, One Drive, and other services.

Pocket Drive

Another good option for an iPad and iPhone file manager is Pocket Drive. At first, it may seem like a usual application. Still, you will be able to discover and make use of a large number of features offered by Pocket Drive. Users of this instrument can create text files and folders, take photos and videos, etc. Moreover, Pocket Drive likewise includes a web browser that can be utilized for downloading files directly to the application.

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MyMedia is considered a download manager for iOS devices. With this tool, you can easily download files to your iPhone and iPad. Also, MyMedia includes a built-in file manager that operates just like any other already discussed tools and applications. MyMedia lets users copy, move, create new folders, etc.

File Master

File Master is a fit file explorer for iPhone users without a doubt. This application is easy-to-utilize and can boast a lot of functions. No matter if File Master’s interface is a little dated, it still offers and attracts well-implemented features. File Master will help create folders and text files, import photos, and more.

My FileManager

My FileManager is probably not as universal as its well-known competitors, still, this tool assists users to manage their files without complexities. The tool supports various file formats, for example, .ppt, .doc, .xls, .pdf, .txt, .html, etc.

Browser and Documents Manager

“Browser and Documents Manager” can likely be called the best file manager on iPad and iPhone. Many users consider “Browser and Documents Manager” as a highly efficient instrument for managing files. The reason is probably in a built-in smart web browser that enables users to surf the web privately and download files simply. Moreover, with the tool’s built-in fully-featured download manager users can manage all of their downloaded files from one place.


While certain users continue to download the native Files app on their iOS devices, you can go ahead and find a replacement for this needless application. After all, there are many useful file managing tools and apps to send a fax with the help of which your interaction with files can become easier.
Do you have problems picking the best iPad and iPhone file manager? Then, you should familiarize yourself with the above-mentioned file manager app options and install the most suitable one according to your needs.

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