Best Barber Products Brands in Australia 2022

Looking for some barber products in Australia? It is understandable that the choice is not very simple since there are many barber products brands in this part of the world. Hence, it becomes difficult to figure out which is the right brand for you to buy some ideal barber products. The barber products include a lot of things, such as scissors of all types, hair cape and aprons, trimmer, clippers, shavers and more.

So, finding a platform where you can get all these products is essential. What are the options then? We have come up with a list of all the best options. Following are the top barber products brands in Australia. Explore each and get your desired products brands:

1. K5 International

K5 International is the best and leading brand providing all barber products. They are the most popular providers of barber supplies sydney. They stock all types of hairdressing scissors, including hair thinning scissors, convex edge scissors and beveled edge scissors. In addition, they offer some of the best hair clippers and trimmers. Similarly, they have a vast variety of shavers and hair capes. All in all, they stock every barber tool you want in your toolset. Also, their prices are the lowest in the market. Yes, the rates are incredibly affordable, apart from quality tools they offer. A top choice for buying barber products!

2. Scissor King

Scissor King is another popular brand in Australia offering all kinds of barber products for sale. They stock everything you want in your salon. They provide straight razors, scissors of all types, salon accessories, combs, brushes, and every barber product. So, you can explore their stock to get a few.

3. Sydney Salon Supplies

Based in Sydney, they provide barber products throughout Australia. They offer all types of salon supplies including regular scissors hair thinning scissors, aprons, combs, shavers, trimmers and more. They are known for the variety of supplies they offer. Most importantly, ensure the quality of their hairdresser supplies.

4. Scissor Tech Australia

Scissor Tech Australia is a renowned and trusted brand in Australia known for providing quality hairdresser supplies and scissors. They are popular due to the quality of barber products they provide. At the same time, their prices are pretty affordable. One of the best choices if you are looking to buy some quality barber accessories.

5. Dewson Scissors

Popular because of scissors they provide, Dewson Scissors offer all barber products. At a single platform, you can get every hairdresser tool you need in your collection as a professional barber.  Yes, the prices are reasonable and there is absolutely no question mark on the quality of the tools.

6. i-Glamour

i-Glamour is a trusted brand in Australia for buying barber products. It is one of the most appreciated brands mainly because of the variety of the barber tools they offer. Also, the prices are not very high. For barbers and hairdressers on a budget, this is where you can get a few barber tools at reasonable prices.

7. iCandy Scissors

iCandy Scissors is one of the leading brands as well, known for offering a vast range of hairdresser accessories and tools. They have the best collection of scissors for sale. Their stock includes all types of scissors and their scissors are sturdy and reliable.

8. Turnleys Hair

Turnleys Hair has become popular as a brand in Australia for buying barber products. They have a magnificent range of razors and scissors. In addition, they stock all the barber tools you need in your collection as a professional. So, these were the most reliable and trusted barber tools brands in Australia!

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