Best Super Bowl TV deals for 2023: OLED, Mini LED, and more

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl, the only game that functions more akin to an annual holiday in the US than a mere sporting event. This means there are bound to be not only good prices on chips and dip at your local grocery store but also great deals on some of our favorite TVs.

Even if you don’t care one iota about the NFL or American football as a whole, or you only enjoy tuning in for the spectacle of the halftime show and all the cheesy commercials, there’s no reason not to save money on a new TV set when given the opportunity. So we’ve been on the lookout for 4K models with the best discounts that are worthy of your money — and not the junky, ultra-cheap ones many big-box retailers overhype at this time of year.

You may not be able to do any better in the “bang for your buck” department than TCL’s latest 6-Series TV. Its Mini LED panels offer much-improved color and deeper black levels without requiring you to spend remotely as much as you would for a pricey OLED model. The 6-Series offers great picture quality, too, and runs on the Google TV platform, which provides access to all your favorite apps alongside helpful home screen recommendations. It even supports 120Hz refresh with a couple of HDMI 2.1 ports, allowing you to maximize the performance of the latest gaming consoles.

Right now, TCL’s 55-inch 6-Series is on sale for $599.99 ($100 off) at Best Buy, which is as cheap as this model gets. If you have the space for a bigger TV, the best value is going with the 65-inch panel, which Best Buy is currently selling for $699.99 ($300 off).

The 55-inch TCL 6-series R646 4K TV is on, displaying the Google TV software homescreen that’s filled with viewing recommendations.



The 2022 R646 is the latest model in TCL’s 6-Series line. The TV features 4K HDR and Mini LED backlighting along with support for HDR10 Plus and 4K gaming at 120Hz. It runs on the Google TV software, unlike the last-gen model.

A photo of the LG C2 OLED TV displaying a screensaver of the Earth.

The LG C2’s thin bezels are barely there.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

We’d be remiss not to be on the lookout for discounts on LG’s excellent C2 OLED TV, which remains one of our favorites here at The Verge. The OLED displays excellent color contrast and true blacks since it can turn off individual pixels. It also supports 4K resolution at a 120Hz with variable refresh rate (VRR), helping to prevent unwanted screen tearing when gaming. Each of its four HDMI ports is 2.1-compatible, so you can take advantage of all that on a PS5 and Xbox Series X as well, but keep in mind that the OLED panel won’t get as bright as an LCD display — something to be wary of if you plan on using it in a bright room.

As for deals, there are currently discounts available across the entire C2 lineup, which ranges from 42 inches to a massive 83 inches. The best deal, however, is on the 65-inch C2, which is available for $1,696.99 (about $400 off) at Amazon or for the same price at Newegg with a $100 Newegg gift card. If you want to go even bigger, the 77-inch model is available for $2,496.99 from Amazon with Newegg, the latter with a $250 Newegg gift card.

If you don’t have a ton of space (or want to turn a TV into a behemoth gaming monitor), you can also get the 48-inch C2 for $946.99 at Newegg with a $25 gift card or at Amazon. Though, keep in mind that the 48-inch version doesn’t get quite as bright as larger C2 models.

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The LG C2 is both lighter and brighter than its last-gen predecessor, the C1. It also boasts a “dark room” setting to reduce eyestrain as well as the ability to log in to different user profiles.

The matte finish on Samsung’s latest Frame TV helps mitigate strong reflections, helping it look even more like artwork.

The matte finish on Samsung’s latest Frame TV helps mitigate strong reflections, helping it look even more like artwork.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Another TV we love that is often discounted is Samsung’s latest Frame TV. Unlike the LG C2, the unique strengths of this TV don’t lie in just raw specs but in its aesthetic and the presence it has in your room. The Frame is an excellent 4K TV with 120Hz support, but its parlor trick is that it can decorate your space with some lovely art when not in use — instead of functioning as a giant, black mirror. The latest model also uses a matte finish on the display, making the artwork much more convincing and authentic-looking than the usual static images displayed on a non-OLED TV.

Currently, the 65-inch Samsung Frame TV is on sale for $1,599.99 ($400 off) at Best Buy and direct from Samsung, or you can get the jumbo 75-inch version for $1,999.99 ($1,000 off) from Best Buy or Samsung. That’s a whole lotta art.



The newest model of Samsung’s art-inspired TV retains the same QLED display as its predecessor but uses a new anti-glare, low-reflection coating dubbed “Matte Display,” which provides images with qualities that resemble an actual canvas.


LG’s QNED Mini LED TV strikes a nice balance when it comes to specs without getting as pricey as comparable OLEDs. Its Mini LED panel provides a contrast-rich experience that is similar to that of OLED, though you won’t have to worry as much about the risk of burn-in or the preventative measures to circumvent them. Two of its four HDMI ports support the 2.1 spec, so it’s not quite as flexible with inputs as the C2, but that’s good enough for both a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to take advantage of its 4K resolution with 120Hz refresh.

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The 65-inch LG QNED is on sale right now for $999.99 at Best Buy, which is $700 off its regular list price. The bigger 75-inch model is also down to $1,499.99 ($1,000 off), which, as someone who once spent close to that on a lower-class TV from LG of the same size, I can attest is quite a value. Most TVs get exorbitantly more expensive once you climb above the 65-inch threshold, and while $1,499.99 is certainly not cheap, it’s still a good price for a TV of this size and quality.



LG’s QNED with Mini LED backlighting is made for those who want a big, amazing TV for under $1,000.

A few more Super Bowl TV deals

  • Sony’s 55-inch Bravia A80J, another great OLED option, is on sale at Best Buy for $999.99 ($900 off). It’s advertised as “perfect for PlayStation 5” as it supports 4K resolution at 120Hz and has HDMI 2.1 — though, like others, only two of its four inputs are the 2.1 spec.
  • If you’re working with a tighter budget, the 65-inch Amazon Fire TV Omni is on sale for $549.99 ($250 off) at Amazon (with delayed shipping). This TV is fairly affordable yet offers support for 4K resolution, HDR, and one HDMI 2.1 port, though it tops out at a nothing-special 60Hz. It also has Amazon’s Fire interface baked in, which means easy access to streaming apps and a lot of Amazon content on your homescreen.
  • Prefer to spend under $500? The 55-inch TCL 5-Series is just $369.99 ($60 off) at Amazon. It may not be a huge discount, but it’s a good size panel that supports Dolby Atmos sound and Dolby Vision HDR. And while the budget-friendly 4K TV isn’t as gaming-centric as other models on our list, the built-in Roku interface is easy to navigate for even the app-averse.

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