Detecting a GPS Tracker on Your Smartphone

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The advancement of technologies allows us to detect the device owner’s location within seconds. Once the spyware is on the phone, it starts operating without their knowledge. Jealous partners, snooping bosses, and hackers can easily follow the location since we take our phones with us everywhere. Most GPS tracking apps have been created to follow family members’ locations. However, they can be used by hackers to follow their victims. The more advanced technologies get, the more sophisticated hacking applications are created which are difficult to detect even. You can look how to track phone by sim card.

Except for exact GPS tracking apps, there are ones that can be activated through other devices. When you download an application, it asks you to give access to some data, including your location. You mostly have three options; to allow while using the app, not to allow, and allow to use. When you start using the application, the hacker immediately gets a message with exact details of your location. This helps them to find your whereabouts and invade your privacy easily. Victims are often not aware that their phone is tracked. Thus they can get into the trap of wicked people. So, it is highly recommended to constantly check your phone to be sure that no one is using your data for illegal actions.

How to Detect GPS tracker?

There are three main ways that you can check whether your phone is being tracked or not.

  • Check all the apps installed on your phone. You can easily find the app if someone has tried to operate any GPS tracking on your phone. The app will be labeled as a GPS tracker. Parents mostly use these kinds of trackers to locate their children’s whereabouts. However, hacking another person’s phone may be considered illegal if you are not a parent trying to find his child’s location. So, even if it is your partner, wife, or husband, think carefully before invading another person’s privacy.
  • However, some apps are disguised, so it is not easy to track which app operating on your system includes GPS tracking. Therefore, if you encounter an application that seems suspicious, you had better delete it immediately. In your settings, you can also find the set of permissions that each application uses while operating on your device.
  • Finally, there is an anti-malware tracking app that can easily find out which apps use your data for tracking. They are specially designed for GPS spyware which aims to find GPS-tracking apps quickly.
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How to stop your phone tracking

If you have found a GPS tracking app on your device, you are recommended to follow the below-presented steps.

  • Turn off your smartphone. In some cases, however, this will not help if the battery continues operating. You need to take out the batteries if it is possible. Unfortunately, some phones have sealed ones which makes them impossible to remove.
  • Even if you have removed the battery, the second one always maintains the data and time. Wrap your phone in a few layers of aluminum foil to prevent the data from transmitting.

If you want to check whether the other applications are using your location for hacking, go to Settings ->Privacy -> Location Services. In this way, you can see all the apps that have access to your phone location. You can always change these settings if you have found something suspicious or unusual. Only let other applications have access to your data if it is necessary.


GPS phone tracking is a common hacking activity these days. Unfortunately, only some people are aware of the threats that this may cause. Parents currently use many GPS tracking apps to help detect their children’s location. However, many are used illegally for some purpose. Not only are specifically designed applications that can be installed on your phone and easily detect them, but some are disguised. The latter ones are really difficult to locate and delete. Therefore, if you have encountered something suspicious or your phone behaves strangely, you should conduct a checkup. The hackers may have access not only to your location but also to other pieces of information. Thus, the earlier you discover any hacking, the easier it will be for you to prevent further transmission.

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