Developing best apps with help of Mercusys router’s Internet

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Developing best apps with Mercusys router

As an Application Developer, my work demands me to create applications that are better than those currently available in the market. It requires me to study the concepts, and cooperate with all my team members. But it was taking me to double the time than usual because I had been using a bad Internet connection. I had lots of trouble with the present extender. The router was working fine, but I replaced both the router and the extender by opting for the Mercusys router and Mercusys extender because these were being used at my workplace. I decided to use these devices at my home as well so that I can easily do remote work. My internet works smoothly now.

Earlier even the Android Studio wasn’t functioning well because it requires a stable internet connection for downloading and using the dependencies and external libraries. Now I am able to enjoy a faster and high-speed Wi-Fi connection at all the locations inside my house since the extender covered all the Wi-Fi dead zones. I wish I had done this earlier and saved myself a lot of time. The price is quite affordable and totally worth the quality and features you will get to enjoy.

The beamforming technology of the router helps establish a faster connection by detecting the connected devices beforehand and strengthening the wireless signals thereafter. Parental control, smart connect, guest network are a few other useful features which makes it efficient to use your internet device. I totally recommend you to go for the router and extender devices by the Mercusys brand. The set up of the extender as well as the router devices is extremely easy and anyone can do it by reading the mercusys instruction manual or following the steps mentioned on this post.

The Set Up of the Mercusys Router

You can use the Mercusys router as an access point for which you will use an Ethernet cable to connect the Mercusys router to your computer’s second LAN port. You can otherwise establish the connection wirelessly by using the default Network name; however, wired connection is preferred mostly. Next, you need to visit login web-page for Mercusys Router. As the username or password, you can enter the default login details as listed on the router’s manual.

Most probably ‘Admin’ will be the username and password, unless you had changed it, if you are not using the router for the first time. After login, you can use the Quick Start wizard which provides you Mercusys router setup steps and other configuration options. If you visit the Network menu item, you will get to set the LAN IP address of your router, make sure it is correct. Now to configure the Network name and password, visit the Host network which you can find after you visit the ‘wireless’ menu item.

Next you should switch off your DHCP server from Network>DHCP Server. Make sure all your settings are saved. In the end, connect your main router and the Mercusys router using an Ethernet cable. You can now set up and connect all your Wi-Fi devices with your Mercusys router and enjoy the high-speed internet connection.

The Set Up of the MERCUSYS Extender

This extender comes with MIMO technology, has a wall-mount design and a Smart Signal indicator which makes it easier to locate the optimum place to locate it. All types of routers are compatible with this device. The Mercusys extender setup process requires you to connect your Wi-Fi enabled device with the Mercusys extender’s network named as MERCUSYS_RE_XXXX. /now open the page, enter your login details i.e the username and password. Net you will have the option to choose the SSID names of your host routers.

In case the network name you are looking for is not in the options list, then make use of the Rescan button. No we add in the password for your host router device. The LED light on the extender should have turned orange or solid green, this means that the connection is successfully established. Put your extender in a better location that is centralized and connect your devices to check if everything is working well. You can also do this setup via WPS instead, as per your preferences

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