Fido plans now cost $5 more per month

Rogers flanker brand Fido appears to have raised prices for most of its plans by about $5/mo while also rolling out a $5/mo discount for those who sign up for Automatic Payments.

A recent change to Fido’s website now shows the text “After $5.00 per month Automatic Payments Discount” on several of the provider’s plans. Moreover, several plans are now listed at higher prices than they were just a few days ago. MobileSyrup documented Fido’s plans on January 21st and also on January 13th when detailing the provider’s Lunar New Year deals.

The new plan prices are as follows:

  • Talk & Text (no data) – $38/mo or $33/mo with Automatic Payments Discount (previously $33/mo)
  • 8GB – $60/mo or $55/mo with Automatic Payments Discount (previously $55/mo)
  • 10GB – $65/mo or $60/mo with Automatic Payments Discount (previously $60/mo)
  • 15GB – $70/mo or $65/mo with Automatic Payments Discount (previously $65/mo)

MobileSyrup reached out to Fido for more details about Automatic Payments and the associated discount, but the provider did not provide comment in time for publication.

Fido is still offering the $10/mo for 12 months Lunar New Year discount, but so are Koodo and Virgin Plus.

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