Get a year of Peacock for only $30

The streaming service wars are officially in full swing. If you saw the news that Netflix will implement their password-sharing fee by the end of March, why not shop around for, better deals that allow password-sharing? Enter Peacock, NBC’s streaming library. With a special code, you can get the library of content for only $30 for one year of the ad-supported tier, saving you $20.

In case you’ve been sleeping on Peacock, it’s one of my personal favorite streaming services. In my home, it’s second only to HBO Max. It comes with thousands of shows, including the famous Yellowstone hit series. If you’re not into following the Dutton family, there are also timeless classics on this service like my all-time favorite, Parks & Recreation, so you can follow Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope.

Some of the newest films to hit theaters can also be found on the streaming service. Want to catch David Hopper kicking ass as Santa Claus in Violent Night? This streaming service will have you cheering for Old Saint Nick. It also offers a bunch more buzzworthy films like Jordan Peele’s Nope, and you can also watch fun films like Ticket to Paradise starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

It’s also a great place to catch some top sporting events like WWE Wrestlemania and live sports like Sunday Night Football. And, while it’s still a year away, Peacock will be the top streaming service for the 2024 Paris Olympics — something I, along with many others, are counting down the days until the Opening Ceremony.

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You can use the code NEWYEAR23 at checkout, and it’s only available to new subscribers. Since we don’t know when this deal will end, we recommend investing in it sooner rather than later.

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