Quick guidance Of Edimax Extender Device setup 2022

The Wifi Extender is a strong network device that repeats the Wifi signal. This increases the WiFi signal. It is used in places where the router signal weak, and we do not get the proper range of WiFi. If we see something, it starts buffering on the Internet, in such a way the extender must be attached to the router.

The Edimax Extender can without a very remarkable stretch twofold the sign consideration of your Wi-Fi network for better Wi-Fi quality in homes with various rooms or various floors. This extender is directly connected to the power circuit (power adapter) and it increases the wifi range in your entire house. It includes many features and is easy to setup.

The extender is mostly used where the router’s signal weak occurs. In such a way, the extender is connected with the router, the extender gives a powerful network. This is far away from the dead zone and also removes the weak signal. It is wire-free and placed anywhere.

Edimaxe extender dual-band, access point and expand the range of existing wi-fi network. The extender has easily connected the computer, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. It is easy to set up, in this article, I tell How will the edimax extender be set up. Edimax Extender can be set up in 3 ways, I will tell you 3 ways.

Set up the edimax extender with a web browser

If you want to set up the Edimax Extender with a web browser, then you have decided the place of the Extender. The extender must be placed near the wifi router. After that, plug the extender wire into the electrical outlet and turn ON the electrical outlet button. Then, the power of the extender has to be ON, When the extender is on, the light will turn on.

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Make sure your computer is connected to the Wi-Fi network and internet connectivity. If not connected then connect it. After that, you have to connect your computer with the extender, you can use an Ethernet cable. There are five Ethernet LAN ports behind the extender, you can use any of them.

After connecting you have to open the Web browser on your computer. Type the edimaxext setup in the browser address bar and press enter. After that, you will see a page where there will be 2 fields username and password. You have to enter your username ID and password in these fields. After that, you will have a page display with three fields on it, extender-to-router and device-to-extender, apply the setting.

You have to click on the first field, he will ask you for the network name and password, you have to fill in this network name and password and click on the continue option. After that, click the second field, and ask you for the password of network security. And then, click the YES option. And in the last, you have to click on the third field. With the third field, click applies the setting. Now, setup the edimax extender is successfully done.

Set up the edimax extender with the APP

If you want to set up the Edimax Extender with the app, then it is very easy and it does not take much time to do it. For this, you have to download the app on your device. But the device where you download the app should have internet connectivity. You have to open the Google Play Store on the device and write the name of the app in the search bar and tap the search icon. You will see the app, you have to install it.

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After installation, the icon of the app will appear on the home screen of your device. Then you have to open the app and click on the sign-in, it will ask you for your username and password. You have to fill in the username ID and password and click on login. After that App will give some instructions, you have to follow them and your Edimax extender will be set up.

Set up the edimax extender with the WPS button

If you want to http edimax setup with the WPS button. It is uncomplicated and every user can do it easily. To set up with the WPS button, you have to press and hold the extender’s WPS button for 10 seconds. Then the WPS LED will blink in the front of the extender.

Then within 2 minutes press the WPS button of the router. And wait for 2 minutes until the extender is connected to the existing network. If you succeed, the LED will become solid green on the extender. Now the setup of the Edimax Extender will complete successfully with the WPS button.

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