Save $20 on the Dark Matter mic to level up your recordings

Dark Matter Sentry Streaming Microphone

The built-in LED light can display a variety of colors for a fun flair.


When I’m gaming, I need my friends to be able to hear what I’m saying so we can continue slaying hordes of the undead. For the longest time, my gaming headset mic wasn’t cutting it, and if you’re in the same boat as me, why not try a mic? Or, if you’re a podcaster, now is the time to upgrade your recording equipment. Right now, you can buy a new mic and save 20%.

The Dark Matter Sentry streaming microphone dropped to only $80 — that’s 20% off, so you can save $20 on this handy microphone. It uses cardioid, stereo, bidirectional, and omnidirectional pickup patterns to make sure that your voice is crystal clear during various recording conditions.

The button on the top will swap the patterns so you can tell exactly what pattern you’re using, so whether you’re gaming or recording a podcast, you can have the audio you want.

For those that are ditching USB ports, this mic uses USB-C to make it universal with different cables, so if you’re on the go and just happen to forget the accompanying cord, no worries. You can also use the handy universal ⅝-inch mount to use with the stand.

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The best part about this mic, however, is the best part because it comes with customizable LED lighting. Put on a color that matches your space or style.

As a heads up, Monoprice is expanding its warehouse and orders will ship in 5-7 business days. Don’t let this stop you from taking advantage of the $20 savings on this Dark Matter mic. You have a few days to pick it up, as the sale will end on January 31.

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