The 5 best plant subscription boxes of 2023

Features: Select plants based on sunlight areas (full, partial sun, full shade) | Each shipment comes with 2 plants | All outdoor selections

If you’re looking for outdoor plants, Knock! Knock! It is the best plant subscription service for customized outdoor arrangements. The company delivers seasonal outdoor arrangements that are meant to live on your porch and mature through the season.  

You can select your arrangement based on your area’s sunlight level (full sun, partial sun, or full shade). Shipment happens three times a year in spring (March through May), summer (June and July), and fall (September and October), and each delivery comes with two plant arrangements that have greenery, flowers, and more.

However, if you’re a new customer, you may have to wait until the next shipment to get your arrangement because once the seasonal inventory is gone, it’s gone.

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