The 6 best strip lights of 2023

Strip lights are the kind of thing I love to add more to the outside of my home than the inside, if I’m being honest. But I admit it is fun playing around with different lighting colors and scenes around my house, especially when the strip lights you’re using are the best ones. 

Reliability in installation is one of the first things to look for on a light strip, and this is just one of the qualities we looked at when choosing these lights. Whether the adhesive is tacky and strong enough to hold these lights is important because these are often installed under cabinets or along the ceiling. Many lights on the market have issues with adhesion, so this is one of the first things I check for when choosing strip lights.

Along with installation, we tested how dependable the strips are, whether the LEDs won’t randomly quit or get stuck in a random color regardless of your choosing. We focused on these and more features and combined those with our experience with different strip lights, as well as thorough research to determine which are the best ones.

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