TikTok targets Google in a devastating way (and you may love it)

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It’s not easy being Google.

There you were, lauding it over everyone, bathing in unimaginably large advertising revenues, and actually telling people you do no evil.

But then came internal discontent, governmental lawsuits, ChatGPT, and a general perception that the company has turned a little sad.

Please don’t worry, Google, I’m going to make it a little worse for you. 

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Or, rather, TikTok is.

The somewhat controversial dance entertainment platform has suddenly decided it isn’t just a controversial dance entertainment platform.

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It is, please imagine, a search engine.

How do I know this? Because TikTok recently launched a campaign showing real human beings using TikTok instead of anything created by Google. Yes, to search for things.

It’s all done very simply. A dad is helping his daughter move into her new apartment. He’s struggling. The place isn’t in perfect condition.

So how might instant improvement be effected? No, not by Googling or YouTubing, but by TikToking.

Dad and daughter watch TikTok videos on how to clean a carpet, how to hang a frame, how to refresh a bookshelf, and even how to cook dinner.

Yes, the TikTok you thought you knew isn’t that TikTok at all. It’s a much more useful TikTok with not just dance steps, but also step-by-steps.

In case you aren’t clear that this is a direct assault on Google’s hegemony — both financial and psychological — the ad offers as a summation: “Search it, learn it, do it.”

There’s another telling touch.

If, for the briefest moment, you thought only the kids do this TikTok thing, the ad dispels it with a sly snort. It’s the dad who has the app on his phone. It’s the dad for whom searching via TikTok is the most natural thing in the world.

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It’s all rather troubling for Google.

But let’s talk geopolitics for a moment.

Some are concerned about TikTok’s Chinese ownership, its true motivations, and what happens to the data hoovered up by the company. The US government isn’t too happy with Google either.

It’s hard to know whom to trust at the best of times.

But now, even when you want to freshen up your carpet, whom do you turn to? Not your next door neighbor, surely.

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